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Reverse Metallurgy : PICK IT

Context :

Person in charge: Godefroid Dislaire

Supervisor: Prof. Eric Pirard

Call identifier: Plan Marshall 2.vert

About GeMMe

GeMMe    is a unique research group in Wallonia contributing to the development of innovative processes for an efficient management of mineral and metallic resources and to unlock the values in industrial solid wastes, end-of-life consumers goods and complex georesources.

Release of the book of P. Goossens (in French)

Pierre Goossens introduces his book "L’or à travers les âges: une histoire pas toujours dorée". More info here.

3D Machine Vision Workshop at 3D Stereo Media

The 6th of December, the GEMME group of the University of Liege organizes a 3D Machine Vision workshop in the frame of the 

Rare earths and critical metals: shortage or carelessness?

Conference by Eric Pirard, Professor at the University of Liege

This event will take place on Wednesday 06th November 2013 - 17:00 at

Collège de Belgique, Palais provincial de Namur
Salle du Conseil provincial
Place Saint-Aubain 2 - 5000 Namur

Where are the metals for the future of our technologies?

By Eric Pirard,
Ordinary Professor at the University of Liège,
Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Click here to view the video



Research and development of technologies for dismantling, desencapsulation, purification and recycling of rare materials in end-of-life photovoltaic units.

GeMMe invites you

"Quantitative Mineralogy"
A geologist’s dream at hand

Salon Métamorphoses

MetamorphosesInaugural conference of the Salon Métamorphoses on Wednesday, January 30th.

"Where are the metals for the future technologies?" by Prof. E Pirard.


Cogolin project : video presentation

Video CogolinAfter one and a half years the COGOLIN project becomes more and more concrete with the online validation step.


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